You want to know SAP Analysis for Office in a perfect detail?

You want to know how to build an Excel Dashboard with your Query in Analysis for Office? 

You want to know how functions in SAP Analysis for Office works?

Then you have to take a look into Analysis for Office  - The Comprehensive Guide.

The book SAP Analysis for Office - The Comprehensive Guide by Tobias Meyer covers everything Analysis for Office. How to install, configure and customize SAP Analysis for Office. How to build your own complex reports with SAP Formulas and VBA Coding. Just have a look at the table of content.

Analysis for Office Book

SAP Analysis for Office Book

Table of content:

  • Installation
  • Overview of the Analysis for Office Add-in
  • Authorizations
  • Customization
  • Table Design
  • Visualization of data
  • Reporting with Analysis for Office API and VBA
  • Creating PowerPoint Slides
  • SAP Excel formula
  • How the prompt interface and variables work
  • Hierarchies
  • Sorting, filtering and formatting data
  • Integrated Planning
  • Example Scenarios
  • Troubleshooting

"This book has addressed many topics for SAP Business Objects Analysis tool that are not easy to find elsewhere. I found some excellent tips and ideas which will helped me to provide my customers a superior solution."

Baseer Thanvi


  • What is the price?
    You receive the book for only 57 €
  • 100% Money guarantee!
    If the book does not cover the needs you have, you can get your money within 14 days back.
  • Is the book as hardcopy available?
    No the book is only as ebook (pdf file) available.
  • Will there be a hardcopy version in the future?
    At the moment there is not planned to make a hardcopy version.
  • How many pages does the ebook have?
    The ebook has 346 A4 pages.
  • How can I pay for the book?
    You can either choose Paypal, credit card or bankaccount.
  • I need an invoice for my company, can I get one?
  • Which format has the ebook?
    You receive the ebook as a pdf file. Because here is the page break perfect. If you need another format you can write it in the note of the order. But maybe not all page breaks are perfect.

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